Current Documentary in Production:

Through February 6th, 2014 we are raising funds via Kickstarter for our new feature-length documentary, “Halcyon Story” that is currently in production. This documentary follows the close-knit community of Millbrook, in upstate New York, as it grapples with the issues surrounding Halcyon Hall, an architectural wonder that stands at its gateway. This building was formerly part of a vibrant women’s college campus, and now stands in decline, long-abandoned for 35 years.Please take a moment to view my Kickstarter campaign, and consider supporting this exciting project! As you may know, Kickstarter works as an ALL-OR-NOTHING proposition, so if we don’t reach our goal, we won’t receive anything!

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Two Feet from the Audience is a documentary on PBS examining the movement of classical music to non-traditional and alternative venues, such as nightclubs and bars, in order to both introduce and revive interest in this genre to audiences who have not traditionally sought out classical music performances.


Production Photos

Excerpt from Two Feet from the Audience at Caffe Vivaldi